Monday, June 18, 2007

Time off

Well, just had 4 days off. relaxed, socialized and ran around getting things done.
Talked to David, corporate manager, who was on a 4 day course with international school kids from Penang. There was one autisitic kid in his group, quite hard to manage. But after the course, the kid's parents emailed him, saying that he had changed for the better. So as David said: "what we are doing is more critical than we think".

Got diarea from a kid on the last course, just ending today, after more than 3 days. also an ulcer in my mouth, a slight headache, a sore throat. And got run into by a car while on my bike front wheel totalled. I was OK. yikes - at least I'm a young athletic punk and I rebound quickly.

That candlebark school in Victoria is amazing. I read the media reports on the website. A model for all future schools, one hopes.


Cecilia said...

Ouch, you *have* been getting into some scrapes...!
I had not heard of the Candlebark School before but the concept sounds fantastic. I have met John Marsden and once, at his invitation, I held a couple of writing workshops at his lovely country property near Romsey.

Rowan said...

Glad to hear you weren't as totalled as your bike!

Take Care ol' fruit.

I have a new flatmate, Julian. He is new to Australia from Iran. Yes he is a muslim. We get on quite well, he is also into electronics and computers.
I think you would have to call him a moderate Muslim.

Keep up the blog, good to hear of your travels.