Monday, October 15, 2007

Lake Moogerah camp

Just back from 4 days at a School camp just north of the Mt Barney area, where I was a few weeks ago. Good camp, great views. Apart from that, I’ve had a few days here and there, at camps on the sunshine coast.

Spent one night out with the kids after walking to the campsite. Kept awake by some dude and his girlfriend having a verbal domestic quite close to our camp. Hence my rather worn look in the photo above. the kids were good, and we did lots of hi-rope stuff -flying fox etc. The rest of the time was spent at the main camp with hot showers, cooked food etc. I must say 16 yr old kids would probably learn more about their strenghts and leadership skills if they went on an extended expedition - 3 to 5 days walking, with some scrambling involved, preferably. Hopefully I'll get to do such camps. Mt Barney was good in this sense, although the walks between camps were pretty short.

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