Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In the House of Pain Again

Mon 31 March and half of tuesday:

Hopefully the final chapter on my ruptured Appendix (see Jan 08 of this blog for the first one). Had keyhole surgery – 3 holes, they fill your lower abdomen with gas, stick in cameras, cutters, and snip off the appendix.

All went easily – they were concerned the appendix might be hard to get at, as the body tends to wall it off when it ruptures. Was out of hospital quickly, thank God

Guy opposite, ex-fisherman from Caloundra, came in about 11pm, was up a lot with pain – inflamed testicle area due to abcess, which would be drained today. Had a hard history – caught HepC via blood transfusion in 1989, before screening was properly put in place. Had quite a bit of character – working class battler. We talked of the silliness of no-smoking regulations( the 4m rule etc), I brought up the fact that 2nd hand smoking is now known to be harmless (latest research) , over-regulation in Australia: “the do-gooders have to find ways of justifying their jobs” as he says. Cars are probably the most dangerous weapons in Australia – but no-one has suggested they be banned. There is quite a bit of misunderstanding re risk: there is
What we call in the outdoor industry: “perceived risk” and “real risk”.
As an example: you are statistically safer climbing bolted sport-climbing routes than driving a car (much safer).

Always a bit of a soap going to hospital. Getting more used to having things stuck into me, but still not to happy about it. The staff was really good – doctors, nurses. Nurses have to keep up a cheerful working spirit to maintain competence and to counter the natural tendency to despair/depression/self-pity in hospitals. And they do a good job of it. I probably would be a fairly good nurse – might prefer the paramedic side of things. I know I’m good when the shit hits the fan during mountaineering situations, and have several times got myself and my climber partner(s) out of trouble.

It was good to be reminded about the house of pain. Always a humbling, earthing experience. And I can get into very procrastinating/lazy modes, when I’m not working on a specific task, such as on a kids camp. So it kind of jolts me out of that. And it certainly jolts you out of taking life for granted and putting things off for tomorrow.

For something to do, I picked up some Cleo magazines in the ward and read them.I Like reading Women’s magazines once in a while, because it gives me an insight into women’s minds and desires.. as do girly novels and films.

Also, I get to look at lots of classy girls in nice clothes, and get business tips from savvy entrepreneuresses. In another life, I am a designer or model manager like Yves St Laurent- I dress up beautiful women, nix bad designs and have models with their arms around me. I really liked “The devil Wears Prada” – a film with several levels – comedy, but also a message re getting ahead.

Jessica Alba is a yummy girly.
Read that Billie Ray Cyrus and family get articles on Britney Spears , Lindsay Lohan to show their daughter what to avoid. As I mentioned in an earlier post – I think that’s Britney’s divine mission (!) – to live a life of drugs, sex, hedonism with a multi-million dollar fortune, and be obviously very unhappy, for all the world to see, as a counter-example. It’s sad to see the former fit and sexy girl looking so trashy and ordinary.

Cyrus’s daughter plays the part of “Hannah Montana” -
Which I’ve seen briefly on TV. Quite a dynamic and healthy teen show
After so many trashy teens , boring and uncouth “neighbours” teens, and swearing 15 yr old girls in the street here in Aus, some US teen shows are a breath of fresh air. Pretty, pleasant and savvy – the girls have “quelque-chose” :“something”, sparkle, whereas a trashy teen/ girl in her 20s who swears and binge drinks has zero appeal. Take note, ladies, if you want to attract my attention….. and of other boys out there. Stand out of the crowd by having a bit of class and personality, even though it might be “cool” to be trashy.

Madonna, Christina Aguilera (victim of abuse) are good models of entrepreneurial female spunk. I remember listening to Madonna’s songs at parties, on the radio and TV when I grew up as a teenager in the 1980s… and thinking – “this is really good, this will be a hit in 10 years” (and they still are, 20years on). There’s so much dynamic energy in her songs – fitting for a girl who started of as a dancer and singer living out of a grimy apartment with rats in New York. Such a “New York” rags to riches story- beautiful. That’s one of the things I admire about the US – the whole atmosphere, remarks to you by people poor and rich, encouraged you to be the best you can be, rather settle for routine, or less – which is the European attitude.

My pulse varies from 54 to 63. Am told I have an athlete’s pulse – good to hear.

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Marcus said...


Glad to hear your surgery apparently went OK.

Interesting, your analysis of current popular girl stars. I am pretty much in agreement with you. Jessica Alba sure is yummy; and Miley Cyrus (or whatever her name is) seems like a pretty good, clean and sane girl, from the little I have seen of her. Madonna and Christina Aguilera have my approval too (when I first heard Madonna in 1979 or 1980 I thought she would be just a flash-in-the pan; but when she came out with "Like a Virgin" in 1983 or 1984, I realized she had something pretty special...)

You should check out the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - do not be misled by the tabloid crazy articles about them that have been published in the recent past, go back to the time when they were below the Hollywood threshhold level, i.e. they were seen as just little girls fooling around (it took Hollywood ages to realize they were earning more money than almost any other actor in Hollywood by the time they were around 14 or 15 years old): they've been acting for the last 20years (they're now 21) so there's plenty of their acting material out there available on the Internet (try YouTube, to start with)...

To appreciate their innate talents and qualities as role models, check out their Two Of A Kind series aired on Fox in 1998 - 1999 when they were 12, or their So Little Time series in 2001 - 2002 when they were 15, or their Trenchcoat Twins Adventure videos when they were 6 to 9, or their You're Invited To... Party videos when they were 9 to 12, or their straight-to-video films when they were 6 to 14 (To Grandmother's House We Go, Double Double Toil and Trouble, Passport to Paris, Winning London, Our Lips are Sealed etc. etc.), or their feature movies It Takes Two when they were 9 and New York Minute when they were 17, or... that's enough; the TOAK series and their ITT film are their best, IMO...

Another young girl singer who has really impressed me: Melody, from Andalucia, Spain: look her up on YouTube, especially her song "Sera" recorded when she was 11 or 12...