Friday, June 6, 2008

Photos from "The Great Walk" - Sunshine Coast

0.maps of the walk . (red dot shows location)
1. Mapleton Falls
2. Gherulla creek
3. my setup at Ubajee Campsite
4. Gherulla Falls
5. Fallen tree
6. Gherulla creek

(click on a picture for a larger version)

At the beginning of this year, I went on a 2 day solo. walk in the hinterland. Finally have the photos developed, so here they are.

It's a very scenic walk, with nice campsites made by the Nat parks authorities.
I tested out my new "Luxe mini-peak" Pyramid tent, which weighs about 1700 kg with inner mesh tent and pegs, and cost much less than Macpac tents and other well-known brands.

uses a trekking pole in the center.. and is rather like the Black Diamond "mega mid" pyramid tent.
when you do multiple-day walks, every gram counts... so I look for ultra-light solutions.

There's a whole movement out there, called "ultra-light backpacking", with websites, gear...
Anyways, the jungle was very pretty - awesome trees . and all this quite close to awesome beaches - it's a good part of the world to live in.

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