Saturday, August 23, 2008

Europe the Sinking Titanic V. Putin the Poisoner

After every Russian shove Europe backs down. Worse than that, it let itself to be bought off. The worst example is our friend former Chancellor Herr Gerhardt Schroeder, who got himself a top job with Russia's Gazprom energy company right after he passed a sell-out energy treaty through the German parliament. That'll teach Putin how to deal with Europe. ( I thought it was Bush who was after money - silly me).

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Marcus said...

Is this the same writer as in the other article(s) you quoted in previous blogs? If not, he certainly writes in a similar fashion, and evokes a similar assessment of him in my mind.

His writings are full of immature errors, some harmless and some more serious, such as this sentence construction error where he ends up saying exactly the opposite to what he had (presumably) intended to say:

Europe's failure to grow up as a responsible power, able and willing to protect its own Eastern neighbors, is a profound betrayal of its own best values, not to mention its own self-destructive history.

Reminds me of some of George W.'s obfuscations... Actually, it is not clear exactly what he intended to say here even if the sentence had been constructed correctly...