Friday, February 20, 2009

More Climbing at Arapiles, Vic

1. Alex and Max from queensland in their Van
2. The morning view from the campground
3. myself climbing one of the "organ pipes"
4. The rock of Arapiles rising from the plain
5. climbing
6. Roos at nearby Halls gap, Grampians.
(click on a photo for a large image)

After the horrible heatwave, and the terrible fires, I drove to Arapiles and climbed for about a week. the day after I arrived, Alex and his brother turned up in their Van ! these are the guys who got me climbing "trad" seriously in the glasshouse mnts in queensland. On their way to Tasmania. Climbed with them, and on other days with up to 3 different climbing partners... who were alone at the camp. Including a local guide called "Mookie", and a Canadian dude.

With an American from Seattle and the Canadian, did a 100m climb up a big pillar. Quite a bit of exposure to the emptiness up on the last pitches... still getting used to placing trad gear quickly.
Then drove to Shepparton and found picking work in a day, at Turnbull property. camping out with other backpacking fruit-pickers.

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