Friday, May 7, 2010

Women in the armed forces, global

1. Pakistani special forces/ female - guarding a girls school against attacks by the Taliban... a living challenge to PO-MO university types everywhere.. you tell her the Taliban are misunderstood, and watch her reaction...
2. Peruvian armed forces
3. Italian female jet pilot
4 Onwards: Israeli Defence Force... Yikes. they all look so brave, healthy and pioneering. Not to mention hmmm, Beautiful...

I was browsing for images of paratroopers and I came across some great pictures of women in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)... oh my GOD.
Define beauty combined with strength....

I think I may consider a transfer to the IDF!!
I've met a few female Israeli soldiers who were backpacking, and they were charming and kind individuals. Much less self-centered than your average western girl...

Those who know me will know I am a bit of feminist. In the sense that I love and respect women of all types... My feminism is certainly not of the PC "there are no differences between men and women" type. I think men and women share a common humanity, but are as different as 2 different species. I don't believe in forced quotas - it would actually do women harm.

And I do believe that overall, men and women do not have the same priorities or interest-centers., and generally speaking, men and women go into occupations that are suited to their mental and physical attributes and interests, and that this does NOT imply equality of outcomes. Basically, I believe anyone should be given a fair go achieving whatever they wish, but we should not expect equal outcomes or numbers.

I do believe that women can be warriors, if they wish. witness Joan of Arc, queen Boadiccea in scotland, Thatcher, Jessica Watson round the world solo sailor.
and the women of the Israeli defence Force.... Sigh.

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