Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kayaking the Whitsundays - Liberty in a Paradise of Islands

Camping and trying not to be eaten by large ants... in this particular campsite.
View of the mainland 45 minutes by Kayak from South Molle:
 Camping overnight on Denman island... solitude, beautiful coral beach, Sunset.:

 Denman island, as seen from  South Molle island.

Another weekend; camp on mid-Molle island. Great Sunset.

 And a Transcendental Full Moon with a path....

(click on a photo for a larger version) 

Really getting hooked on Sea Kayaking...

The last few weekends, I've been driving to Airlie beach and kayaking, 2 or 3 days at a time. Sleeping on random beaches or on small National Parks camping areas.
The Whitsundays is great because it has a diversity - 1star to 5 star resorts, camp areas, wilderness. Some really cute small islands that I camped on. Bushwalks up hilltops, Aboriginal paintings.
And lots of marine life - crystal clear water, coral, turtles. Even saw a whale 600m away one sunday evening as I returned to the mainland. Big thing the size of a truck, blowing air up and travelling around Daydream island.
Was quite awesome and breathtaking... to see this big powerful thing diving and surfacing, the spray being puffed up in a big spurt. 

Sea Kayaking is a bit like backpacking at sea... plus you get speed thrills when you get pushed around a point by the wind and waves, whooshing past the rocks and trees. Or when you are doing a 7km crossing and the waves make half the kayak come out of the water before crashing down the other side.
And there is no better way to get up close with marine life...

I have a mobile phone, which works in most of the area, and an Indigo telecom Satellite phone just in case.
I can also bring my kindle and read books when on shore.  I sleep in a hammock, or on the ground with a mattress  sleep bag and bivi bag.  Small gas cooker, tuna, wraps, some freeze dried food.  carry 9l of water in supermarket containers. All goes in the hatches in drybags, with one drybag behind me, on the outside of the kayak.

One could do this for weeks, with the only real cost being food... and the occasional stay in a cabin for a bit of luxury.

Brings me back to my roots as a Bohemian Libertarian Warrior in nature...