Saturday, April 2, 2016

Devils Thumb Qld - Campout

(see also my first climb Thurs Sept 10 on this blog)

I've been wanting to camp at the coral fern patch ever since I went past it when I first went up the Devil's thumb hike, last year.  

The trees are like Bonsais,  there is a weird fern called "coral fern" and the clouds wift over the landscape, scattered with boulders and palm trees. A real garden of eden/lost world feel.

So I went up with a French friend from Port, and left my Big pack at the patch (950m). We took a break and made a brew, then proceeded on the easy ridge walk to the thumb. Good views (1100m)

After we returned from the thumb, I set up camp at the patch.  Had just enough water (2l) left for the night and morning. My French friend proceeded down the steep descent to the bottom. 

Amazing night sky with a sharply defined milky way, planets.  Strong winds later in evening - at eat 50km/hr.  The pyramid tent shakes and bows a bit but I sleep fairly well.  Next time I'll bring my sleeping bag, not a blanket -was a bit fresh.  Some light showers. 

On the way down met a hiker from Port and we had a good discussion - always good to meet other nature lovers. 

A very good hike that makes you feel away from it all, surrounded by pristine wilderness. It's been quite a while since I camped out. Apart from sea kayak campouts.  Takes a few hours to pack - especially when you dont pack often.  But you come back rejuvenated.... something about getting back to raw basics in nature - walk, setup camp,  eat and listen to music, look up at the stars and feel the immensness of the universe, sleep, wakeup to a great sunrise.  

1st time for my new Wilderness Equipment 100 litre backpack , and I found it very comfortable and easy to pack.  One huge main compartment - means you dont have to fiddle and strap things on the outside of the pack. The Harness is also extremely comfortable. I wont be going back to a 75 litre plus pack ... too much bother to pack.
Later when I need to add ropes, harness, crampons it will really come into it's own as my mule for multi-day expeditions.

Click on the Video above for a Panorama.  

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