Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lake Tahoe and on the way

Arrive Tahoe on labour day long WE....  very  busy camps around lake.  
35$ (50 aus)  for basic state forest camp near lake....  but fortunately  ,  we go up to "primitive camp"  - for a few days at Luther pass just above the lake.  Same facilities minus shower.  Better views, neat Tahoe rim trail which I run up to Mees lake.  Have a chat with some real outdoorsy types there.  Cold nights...  

Good outdoor gear shopping in town... some real bargains by aussie standards - basic lightweight tents for thru hikers for 30$ US...  And guns and ammo in the sports shop. 

A bit of a tough start... with busy period,  also with Rosemary going thru the "storming" phase of the "storming / norming performing "  phases of team dynamics.  Sorting out who does what,  how to pack the gear away at night etc.  

We find some real good food deals at "Budget Outlet grocers"  way cheaper than safeway or the "normal" supermarkets.  And cheaper than Aus for food . 15$  for 12 pack of Heineken....    

Last day we go round West side of lake, good views. Up to Truckee then Plumas Nat park.  

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