Saturday, November 5, 2016

Yosemite NP

The famed Yosemite -  where John Muir worked and went camping with the President, Teddy Roosevelt for 3 days.... which president is down to earth enough to do such a thing nowadays ? 

Did a 2 day hike into the high country near "half dome"  very awesome walls of granite.  We were very lucky to get a camping spot up in the valley, even though it was late October, there is no real low season.  The best way to see US Nt Parks is to have a big pack and arrive on foot, do through hikes ... car camping can be frustrating.  State parks and State forests just outside NPs are far less busy.

We had a day and night of solid rain which made the waterfalls go from dry to massive.

 El Capitan

 Half Dome

 Bridal Veil Falls
 Bear or Coyote

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