Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crossing The Nullabor Plain to WA

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First Morning. Ravenshoe QLD

On the way to Broken Hill, NSW

RoadHouse stop before Port Augusta

Port Augusta SA Power station and big fuel fill before Nullabor.  

Nullarbor Cliffs

Cyclist from Spain... cycled from Gold coast to somewhere on Nullabor

Belladonna roadhouse with a Piece of Skylab... which fell to earth in the 80s 

 Tagon Beach,  Cape Arid NP. East of Esperance.

Campsite at Thomas River. Boulder mat as sofa

 View of a beach at Cape Arid.

Video above: Crossing the Nullarbor plain. click to activate. 
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Starting At Noosa, QLD with my troop carrier,  I cross the continent.  about 7 days, not pushing it too hard.  Some longer stretches. 

 Easy driving past broken hill to Port Augusta SA,  across the Nullabor - flat,  big cliffs dropping to the sea.
2 days relaxing at Cape Arid National Park - wild and large.  2wd access to Thomas river camp, nice small nooks to camp in with privacy, 10$ / night. 
Roaring surf, big dumpers. I walk a small coastal track to a small bay.  The next day I mountain bike along the easy dirt roads to Tagon Beach.  This is my first time across in a vehice. And first time East of Perth. Some nice beaches and bouldering. 

Do a bit of rust maintenance on the van, Organize my gear. 
Then off towards Kalgoorlie, where I am to start work as a Driller's offsider.  
Hard work running around with heavy soil samples, diggging ditches etc.  But a good way to save. 

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Marcus said...

Some great pics. Interesting to note that Thomas River camp in Cape Arid is 2WD accessible: I will make a note of that for future reference.