Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Francois Perron National Park, WA

Big lagoon campsite

Herald Bight beach camping

 what Drilling does to your hands... callouses mucho 

Sat phone connected to the Geostationary Thuraya Satellite  above Singapore. 
At Cape Perron, I was connected to "Thuraya Indian Ocean" - which is their 2nd Satellite I beleive. 
This is the future of Comms: wireless, global and later with fast internet. 

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Very pleasant 4 nights in the NP,  made possible due to my 4WD capability (sandy tracks). Tires down to 18 PSI or so.

After this I drive back out to monkey mia, text Nathan and told not to rush back (to kalgoorlie), work is still slack. So decide to do a 3 day paddle from Herald Bight (next blog entry).

I Camp at big lagoon - with sites, pit toilet ,   and also Herald bight - beach camping, no formal sites, pit toilet.
Drive 40km or so , weaving happily through the sand.  Camp right on the beach at Herald Bight - complete isolation... thats a great thing.  No one else there.  very relaxing... its moments like this you understand why people 4wd camp, and how we all need complete solitude in inspiring nature from time to time.  Makes me think of doing the same thing in a yacht...

Glad to Have my Sat phone - I check it twice a day to see if I get a message from work calling me back on a "swing".  

Cold water - but I still take dips.  18deg or so.   Paddle up North of Herald near big red cliff and see stingrays and small sharks. Strong winds to paddle against.

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