Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sterling Ranges NP, WA

In November of 2017 , I spent a week there.
Neat little NP campsite for 10$. 
Also hiked up a peak and slept at the top. 

Bluff knoll is a sacred aboriginal site, and interestingly, I met several groups of inspiring people at the top.
There were a pleasant group of 14 yr olds from a Catholic school, we talked a bit in French as they were learning it. And I did a bit of improv on my Native American flute, which they liked. One of the girls said I was “ a really cool guy” and did a selfie with me. Always good for my 47 yr old ego. 

Another girl said a few verses from the mass in French: 
“ Je vous salue marie, plein de grace, au nom du pere, du fils et du Saint esprit”.
(Hail Mary, full of grace, in the name of the father, the son and the holly ghost.). It stirred something in me. Anyone who discounts religion completely is being shallow in my opinion.  Yes they tend to drift away from their founders intent and become dogmatic and intolerant sometimes, or just a kind of social club... but when I hear those words, or the psalms... I am stirred.

I also find a lot of wisdom in for example the Hindu Vedas, which are a collection of stories. 

WA has the most amazing array of wildflowers I have seen... and the Sterling Ranges has more species than the whole of the British Isles.   

Theres also a few neat cliffs for rock climbing. 

I also met a guy and ended up talking about the need for men’s groups in today’s world, and my ideas on starting up outings which combine outdoor camping and discussions about mythology, mens issues etc.  Not the first time i’ve met other men who agree. 
The aboriginals used to have sacred mountains for men, and others for women. And they had time apart for “mens business”  and “women’s business”. . 

The half-baked lip service given to “ men and women are interchangeable” that is so common now in education, corporations, media... is creating major stress and alienation for both sexes, in my opinion. Feminists think they are on top, but they are only on top of a life of permanent resentment, penis envy, and a shrinking pool of men who will put up with their ball-breaking nonsense. 

I Find it both funny and sad, when I watch movies like “Thor” that the only really masculine character which Natalie Portman is attracted to is not of this earth (Thor) .... 

Ironically, she is quite the pushy feminist scientist in the movie, but cant make the conceptual leap to understand that it is her brand of pushy belittling feminism that has created a generation of boys raised to suppress their masculinity - by their feminist overlords (education, many mothers, media)... 
Who then frustrate and dissapoint their ersatz-feminist girlfriends, who tell them to “man up” etc.... dammed if you do, dammed if you dont is the box that men find themselves in. 
Personnally, I just take Sean Connery as a masculine role model, and any girl who finds that “ offensive” can go talk to another guy...

Generation Z is waking up to the PC nonsense though, so fun times ahead when they stop taking crap from their overlords. 


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