Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hammock system and other photos.

1 Monkeys outside the appart - eating rubbish and being cheeky.
2 my infected eye (common here)
3 my light cookset - porridge and hot milo in the mornings.
4 experimenting with bivis , and sleeping in a hammock - takes some getting used to. bivi held up to storm winds and rain . I relax with an MP3 player...
5 me relaxing in my hammock, end of day, while kids make dinner ... a little break from the little devils.
The short haircut makes a big difference coping with the heat here - I avoid having my head cooked during the day. and thus suffer less from heat tiredness.
Mossie coils under bivi to ward off mosquitoes. no snakes so far.

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Anonymous said...

Jules you look almost wrecked! The hard life seems to be taking it out on you - but I am sure you will recover, as you are quite a tough ole bean. I'm sure you are enjoying it though, overall. I wonder where you'll end up next - some other part of the world in a few years time. You're a bit of an explorer. Best wishes. Cousin Viv in England.