Friday, January 18, 2008

Art gives u Energy and Transcendence

Klimt. The Kiss
Klimt. Three Ages of a Woman
Renoir. Young Girls at the Piano
Renoir. Two Sisters
Paul Lacroix. The Abundance of Summer
Martini. St Peter
Van Gogh. Night Cafe
Domenico Puligo. The Christ
Regoyos. Night Time
Potthast. Mystic River (USA)
Bierstadt. Sundown at Yosemite (USA)
My "art" folder on my laptop - a treasure chest of beauty.

After seeing a doco on SBS about art history, I went on to google and entered “impressionist art”, and found that the net has a whole host of free art galleries – some are huge, with artists from just about every artistic period.

I used to go to the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, to the second story, where I would gaze at some the most energising paintings on this earth – impressionists – with their bright colours and gentle scenes. Art like this really gives off an energy, I believe. I think it taps into the transcendental (beyond surface experience, eg Good and Evil, Love, Angels, God, Buddha etc), and reconnects us to what is gentle and good. We’re all so busy chasing our appetites – sex, food, even extreme sports… I think these things have their place, but in this fast-paced word, we need to reconnect to gentleness, awe, reverence and beauty. When I see a painting by Klimt or Renoir, something deep inside me is awakened. It’s similar when I look up at the stars in the bush.

Monet, Renoir with his rosy-cheeked people, Van Gogh with his tortured paintings, you can see them all on the web. If you have the chance to go to
Paris, go to the Musee d’Orsay and see the originals – worth millions. Reproductions are never as Brightly coloured as the original.

So I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of painting repros, so I have a small art gallery on the laptop that I can look at at my leisure, and be inspired. I love the net.

Recently, I watched, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” with foxy Scarlet Johansson. Shows The “Dutch Masters” style and the period in which they worked.

Here’s a few websites:

History of french Impressionism. Click on artists’ names to get more details, and thumbnails of artworks, which you can see in large version by clicking on.

klimt, van Gogh, Renoir all from this website:

Web gallery of art:

The Thyssen-Borgemisza Museum in
Madrid – click on an artist’s name in this list to see all the works if his they have. Then click on the “enlarge” button next to the picture to get a larger version. (Impressionist, Renaissance, modern, Dutch masters):

Various famous artists:

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