Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pacifism enables thugs

thuglist: Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, The current Chinese communist party, Hezbollah....
The Mafia, your neighbourhood thug.

A good article about the illusory nature of pacifism:


To all those out there with the "Free Tibet!" stickers, here are a few facts that will help the world make sense:
  • There will always be bad people.
  • Bad people don't care about hurting good people. Appeals to shame, empathy and guilt don't work on them. That's why they're bad people.
  • Bad people respond to force. They don't like it and will change their behavior to avoid it.
  • Good people need to use force to stop the bad people from hurting other good people.
    It's not the same when a good person uses force to stop a bad person as when the bad person uses it to harm a good person.
  • Not letting good people use force against bad people encourages more bad behavior.
  • Good people using force against bad people should be encouraged. This will make the world a better place.

To all the pacifists out there who think guns are the problem, all the moral lightweights harping about the "cycle of violence", please remember:
Guns liberated Auschwitz and violence ended slavery. The world you "imagine" is not here on Earth but in the next life, and you're really gumming things up for the rest of us by confusing the two.

Free Tibet - Hell yes! But to whom do we send the weapons?


Anonymous said...

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Marcus said...


I think your friend David Bueche has a very black-and-white point of view. Solving the world's problems usually involves a degree of compromise.

His written English is not very impressive, either; and the various adverts for scientology on his page do nothing to elevate him in my estimation.

Cheers, Marcus

Marcus said...

I just had a thought: would Bueche be in any way related to Bush? Because they have similar commands of the English language (although I admit Bueche's command is somewhat less atrocious)...