Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick summary Dec 2011-Feb 2012

Dec met up with le grand frere and stayed in Warrumbungles nat park for 5 days, doing most of the peaks and walks. Good weather. Also visited the Anglo-Australian observatory which has the biggest mirror in Aus and has had several first observations.
Then Bega to visit my friend Bernard in the house of character Heinola, then Blue mnts , then up to the Qld border to visit nat parks I've never been to: Bald rock and Giraween Nat park.  The last is a big one, with many wildflowers, creek to swim in and 2 huge granite boulders called the Pyramids. Great Australian camping with creek swims, kangaroos, campfires with sausages, bush campsites. Was great to renew with my hippie side and travel for a month in the van without any real schedule, after a fairly busy year in the Army  and being online last summer - limiting my travel options.


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