Thursday, September 22, 2016

Glacier National Park

Grandiose , Swiss- like mountains on the border with Canada, Just south of Banff. 
Except with bears to watch out for. And wolves in there.
we arrived just after a fine sprinkling of snow. 

the main road is a bit of a circus,  but we find peace in the SE corner at "painted lakes". 

15 sept   Glacier NP, painted lakes full moon…

magic  moment at painted lakes…
wood or indian flute playing… 

i stretch….  and calm down….  me time. 
so spiritual… indian like flute, full moon illuminating landscape and snow tops. 
these are the moments that really get into your soul….  
don't get them snapping photos at viewpoint or in fancy alpine restaurants or hotels..
or peak bagging or … any other of the myriad things we focus on that dont really bring happiness.

it’s that mystical peace that is missing in the bustle of the modern world.

 Town of Troy

 Painted lakes area

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