Saturday, October 22, 2016

Zion NP, Utah

(Last 3 photos are from the net)

A magical place where you feel gently dominated by huge walls of red rock.
Magical names like "Temple of Sinawa" ,  "angel's landing",  "the patriarchs"...  

Did a 2 day hike in the high country (West Rim trail),  Started on a plateau at 2400m  and the 2nd day,  went down to 1400m.   via "angels landing",  which is a rocky promontory where you used chains to go allow the narrow precipitous ridge.  

Called Zion by the Mormon settlers - "the promised land".  Was also sacred to the indians who were there before.  And inhabited by very ancient pre-Indians,  who mysteriously disappeared after 1500 years of settlement.  

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