Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Monkey Mia and Denham, WA

A really pleasant end-of-the-world place, with low red dunes coming down to the sea.

Famous for dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia.  Small very easy-going township of Denham.  Break from Drilling goes on a bit, so I get work at the local pub as a kitchenhand for a while (24$/hr !).  Which brings in a bit of money and helps me meet the locals - including Damo, from France who is setting up a Kitesurfing venture there.  he used to sell Beneteau yachts at la Baule in France.

Almost continuous winds,  shallow waters - ideal for kitesurfing.

I appreciate the 4WD of my Troopy in Cape Perron National Park  (next entry). Where deep sand makes 4WD essential.  Drive 40km or so , weaving happily through the sand.  Camp right on the beach at Herald Bight - complete isolation... thats a great thing.  No one else there.

An expensive to maintain beast - had to get 4 new tyres and later new shocks at Geraldton. But does give one the advantage of wild camping of the road, down sandy tracks, with the guarantee of getting out safely.

Denham has a real 80s feel to it... sandy street sides, old business fronts, Not overdeveloped like a lot of the sunshine coast.

Cold winds and chilly nights at this time of year.

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