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Flannery is a Fool on Global Warming

Well... this is political, but also connected with the outdoors. mmmm.
Andrew Bolt writes on global warming madness, and environmentalist Tim Flannery making a complete fool of himself.

Flannery lied People died !
Well ... they will loose some of their standard of living and jobs, anyway, if oz persists in this ecological masturbation which will have absolutely zero effect on GW (which has not occured since 1998). Given India + china = more than 2 billion people and oz = 20 million.

How Flannery gets away with such flummery has been a mystery to me, but I blame in part our extraordinary groupthink (see this report). For instance, while 31,000 scientists were happy this week to sign a petition in the United States denying there was convincing evidence that man's gases caused catastrophic global warming, I can't think of more than a dozen in Australia who'd dare do the same.

And I can think of even fewer journalists who'd back them if they did. That's why Flannery is still treated as a hero of the ABC and The Age, despite a string of predictions that should have made him a laughing stock, not 2007 Australian of the Year.
Here's a condensed list.

Three years ago he warned global warming could leave Sydney's dam's dry by 2007. They are two thirds full.

Perth would be so devastated by drought that it would be a "ghost city" in decades. In fact, the city has just recorded its wettest April on record.

The ice caps would melt so fast that the seas would lap the roofs of "an eight-storey building". In fact, the United Nations' influential IPCC, itself accused of alarmism, says at worst the seas will rise this century by 59cm.

Hurricanes would become more frequent. In fact, the long-term trend of hurricanes and cyclones is highly disputed, as is any link to warming.

The hype pushing the global warming scare is the most sustained assault on reason in my lifetime. While Flannery remains a prophet, the rational should tremble, even before he starts firing sulphur into our sky,

See also Jules' extensive cut and paste, with graphs, facts, quotes from environmentalists and scientists who are skeptical or believe man-made GW is a sham:

Global warming or Global Wanking

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