Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jules' New Political Blog

I have created a new blog, "Jules' Juicy Viewpoints", as I find I am doing rather a lot of opinion pieces in this blog, originally set up to report on my outdoor experiences...
It doesn't help that my cheap digital camera has stopped working . Also a lot of the camps I do are fairly unremarkable, compared to the Malaysian ones.

So I will be reporting on outdoor experiences, tourism, sport, maybe philosophy etc on this blog - trying to keep it apolitical , but there will be occasional crosslinks to the other blog - small snippets of opinion pieces, followed by a "click here" which will jump to the other blog.

You will be able to jump from one blog to the other via the links at the top right of the page.
"Jules' Outdoor blog" and "Jules' Political Blog" .

It feels more honest this way, as I don't want to force feed readers who just want to read up on my latest adventures to read political stuff the may have no interest in, or with which they disagree. I would be too much like the teachers who force feed their captive audience of kids in left-wing propaganda.... (greenism, social justice studies and other crap that displaces real learning, stunts critical thinking skills and results in massive illiteracy and innumeracy rates and almost zero knowledge of modern history) woops getting political again...

So if you're interested in fresh opinion and can take my Chef Ramsay-like no-holds-barred "this is bullshit" approach, read my opinion blog as well. otherwise don't.
Note also that I won't get into email jousting re politics - too time consuming. If you have something worth saying, post it in the comments section , as my brother Marcus has already one several occasions. I may or may not reply in the comments section. But I will leave up any comments, even :"that's a load of bollocks", so long as it doesn't get too obnoxious.
Try to be constructive and give hyperlinks to articles, or facts and figures, rather than merely smear, which is a habit of the left. I do believe in democracy and free speech (unlike many left-wingers, I notice - so I wont delete comments that contradict me, unlike lefty blogs like dailyKos which regularly censor comments out).

So enjoy.

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