Saturday, May 12, 2007

Walk up to 700 m


1 and 2 : view from top.
3: Jason and I drinking VB after a hard climb.
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Today, rented a car and drove with Jason, a colleague, to a waterfall.
We then walked up a very steep jungle track, using all 4 limbs, with the help of a rope that there as a handline. up about 600m to a high peak on a narrow ridge. With a view of the cable car station where many tourists go up. And a view of the whole island. We both enjoyed it very much. Good to be outdoors just for oneself for a change.
Jason is from Pensylvania, USA, and has 6 yrs experience as an outdoor educator.

My energy levels are finally back to normal - after my spell of exhaustion. I sympathize with mothers now... that feeling of never really being fully rested isn't pleasant. Jason was saying that in the US, he would do short contracts of 2 or 3 weeks of such work, then have 1 or 2 weeks off to enjoy the outdoors - more my style. You really have to recharge during yr time of in this job - in my case 2 days a week, mostly.

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