Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why I publish this Blog

Well, I've thought of avoiding political comment on this blog, so as to make it just an "adventure blog" .... but I will make some comments... now on France, and later on the joys of Islamic law in Malaysia.

This blog is my "adventurer's blog" - warts and all - as my father would have said. The good times, the bad times. But also my opinions on systems and laws where I travel and elsewhere - like a journalist if you like . I know there are at least a few family friends in Melbourne reading this blog who are interested in opinion pieces.

And I don't believe there is such a thing as "objective journalism" - most news reported from Irak focuses on bombs, not on reconstruction, for example. Everyone has an opinion, and I would prefer if journalists stopped pretending to be neutral.

and beleive me, I am not politically correct. Ie I will let no thought-police censor what I say. So If my opinions offend you, please move to some whitewashed media outlet where people repeat polite falsehoods that are contradicted by reality. And in an effort to offend no-one, make statements that condemn no-one, or that cannot be used as guides to action , and are just empty words.

Having lived and suffered in France under Chirac - the master of empty statements and pompous posturing leading to inaction - I have a pretty short fuse with that kind of thing.
He epitomises the worst of European impotence and lack of backbone.

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