Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book: The Trouble with Islam

I read bits of “the Trouble with Islam” by Irshad Manji (a gay woman , from a Muslim family, living in Canada) and realise that there are rifts and contradictions and obsessions within Islam. I have met and worked with decent muslims – I do not make a blanket accusation, but as she says:

Rather than own our dysfunction, we reflexively blame America, Israel, Christianity, materialism, MTV, McDonald’s, and the ever-convenient Jews. An equally popular coping mechanism is to remain mute about our self-inflicted shortcomings, for fear of damaging relations with our higher-ups — be they parents, imams, or even secular leaders of our communities.

Respected Ms. Manji, people like you serve as a source of energy for the ones like me, living in Muslim states, who cannot afford to ’speak out loud’. I tried to, but I was made to realize that I would offend many and win almost none, with harassment being the cherry on the top. May Allah always bless you with the best. And bless me with the courage to stand up, like you have chosen to.” - Muhammad Khurram Yaqub, Lahore, Pakistan.

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