Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summary of my gypsy van expedition

10th Dec leave Queensland
– climb in Blue mountains; Christmas in Victoria, Falls Creek walks; Arapiles climbing; Grampians walks; march Shepparton Fruit pick, then up rapidly via Newell Highway to Coonabarbaran, then Qld. in april 09

4.5 months of travel…. On a few thousand dollars, with a 3 thousand dollar van.
And some life-changing experiences in the Warrumbungles etc.
2.5 weeks fruit picking , 1 week kids camp.
I met French backpackers who were working 12 hrs a day, 17$ per hr, free accommodation, on a farm just nth of Qld border (a better deal than most fruit picking farms). So if I ever want to take a year off, travel, sea kayak etc and do casual work , I know it’s possible.

It gave me a big sense of freedom (eg driving on deserted highways with huge plains), and reminded me of one of my top enjoyements in life – mystical communion with nature, and getting away from the predicability and routine of suburban life.

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