Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wilson's Promontory Camp

Had a very relaxing few days at Wilson's Prom, Tidal river campsite (National Parks, 30$ per night) .

Showers, lots of space, a few hundred meters from the surf beach, or the tidal river with huge boulders. 

Did some little hikes, Circuit training with my skip rope and kettle bell and cold water immersion a la "Wim Hoff" .

Also some rust repair work on the van (fibreglass, anti rust acid , paint) .

A very peaceful and powerful place... surrounded by huge mountains with large granite boulders. 

(Click on a photo for large view. Click on "right arrow" to scroll thru large view)

The Campsite is the other side of the river, in the Bush.

Short walk of 20 minutes or so to Sunset viewpoint 

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